Note by Note

Fourth Thursday

24266 Main Street, Old Town Newhall
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

NOTE by NOTE is a music night presenting audiences with a variety of genres at this free evening of fun.  Each month, bands, duos, and soloists will play their own blends of music for your listening pleasure.  Come enjoy a wide range of music styles including rock, folk, Celtic, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Country, experimental, Western, and more!

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July 25, 2019

Three musicians/singers/songwriters come together for one night for one purpose…to share their love of music and song. Together, these three artists will bring Note by Note a unique evening of songs and stories you won’t want to miss.

  • Rainy Eyes

    Rainy Eyes

    Rainy Eyes (Irena Eide) is a Norwegian-born Americana singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area who has toured throughout the nation. Both solo and with a band, her performances have a spell-binding, inspiring effect and a soulful, heartfelt and timeless sound consisting of tight-knit harmonies, melodious solos and thoughtful songwriting.

  • Abel Gallardo

    Abel Gallardo

    Abel Gallardo leads the Country/Americana band from Los Angeles. Gallardo got his start in music during the Los Angeles 1980s Punk/Rockabilly scene.

  • Rachel Mazer

    Rachel Mazer

    Rachel Mazer started her music career as a sought after and skilled freelance multi-instrumentalist (tenor saxophone, bass, guitar) performing with and supporting many artists and bands. Her first single ‘Is It So Wrong’ was released last year and has garnered Mazer recognition and buzz as solo artist.

  • Echo Spark

    Echo Spark

    Echo Sparks is a Southern California Americana duo inspired by the old California that is rapidly disappearing – a land of lonely highways and empty, rolling hills. They take the best of the region’s musical traditions and blend them into a harmonic signature sound that is distinctly modern, but full of history.

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