by Ruby Cooper

Ruby has been writing and telling stories since she was a child washing glasses in her Grampa’s Irish bar in a small mountain town in PA. She is a teacher, published writer, a Moth GrandSlam winner.

Gabe Ableson

Gabe Abelson is an accomplished stand-up comedian, having toured the world and appearing on such shows as Late Night with Conan O’Brien.  Gabe is also one of the most in-demand mentalists today.

from Isadora O’Boto

Isadora has performed at The Ice House, The Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club, and may other venues.  She also has told stories at the Burbank Comedy Festival and LA Laugh Riot Fest.

featuring Fisher Fifteen

Fisher Fifteen is a singer/songwriter /music producer and actor. Known for the strength of his bluesy vocal tone and heartfelt stage presence. He will be dropping a new EP this year along with Cali tour.

from Shawn G

Shawn G is a musician and comedian from Sacramento California. He has appeared on national television and radio.

by Philip Scorza

Philip Scorza is a retired high school teacher.  He has a local history program, Points of Interest” that is shown on SCVTV, channel 20. One of his pensions comes from Actors Equity.

“Route 66” and “Glenda”

“Route 66” tells the unconventional story of a Jewish biker chick and a Muslim woman.

“Glenda” follows Glenda as she searches for answers in her mother’s mysterious hometown.

by Richard Myers

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Mr. Myers is a former newspaper editor, and a retired elementary teacher who has authored two books of lite verse.  He began his comedy career at age 86.

by Ted Case

Ted Case is an active songwriter and bandleader in the Los Angeles area. He released his debut solo EP last year, and toured California performing his songs for piano and voice.

by The New Mexican

The New Mexican is the official house band of 10 by 10.  Michael Ruiz, who is The New Mexican, plays a variety of instruments including banjo, harmonica, guitar and drums!